Ukrainian performative awards

About the awards

GRA Festival-Award GRA Festival-Award

The Ukrainian Theatre Festival and Award “GRA” (“Great Real Art”)  was founded by the National Union of Theatre Workers of Ukraine. 

The main goal of the Festival is to bring all theatres of the country together and present their best achievements to Ukraine and the international community; to promote the national scenic art in all its genres, styles, and forms; to identify the key trends; and to encourage the development of the competitive environment in the Ukrainian theatre. 

Les Kurbas Prize

The Les Kurbas Prize is an award of Ukraine in the field of theatrical art, established in 1995 by the Ministry of Culture and the National Union of Theatre Actors of Ukraine in honour of the Ukrainian director, actor, theatre theorist, and playwright Les Kurbas.

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Chornobyldorf. Photo by Brian Slater
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